The Exceptional Cask Collection Unveils Four Rare Jewels 15.03.2024

LIMITED presents The Exceptional Cask Collection, a series of four unique whiskies, all aged over 30 years and created from single casks from top Scottish distilleries.

Discover a collection of rare whiskies, chosen for collectors and enthusiasts who value Scotch whisky craftsmanship. Each bottle embodies a different era, demonstrating the art of distillation and the impact of time.

The Exceptional Cask Collection Highlights

Aberlour 1989 (AGED 33 YEARS): A departure from tradition, this single bourbon hogshead-matured expression showcases the raw strength of Aberlour's distillate, paying homage to its rich history.

Imperial 1989 (AGED 33 YEARS): Preserving a piece of history, this whisky hails from the now-demolished Imperial Distillery, aged for an impressive 33 years, 4 months, and 27 days in a single bourbon barrel.

Highland Park 1989 (AGED 33 YEARS): A masterpiece from the world's most northernmost distillery, this exceptional Highland Park whisky spent 33 years, 7 months, and 5 days maturing in a single bourbon hogshead.

Bowmore 1989 (AGED 34 YEARS): The oldest distillery on Islay provides a true gem. Aged for 33 years in a single bourbon hogshead before being finished for 10 months in fresh sherry ¼ casks, this Bowmore creation is cooked to perfection.

Limited Availability: With only LIMITED number of bottles of each expression, The Exceptional Cask Collection promises exclusivity and rarity. These whiskies are not merely beverages; they are invitations to savour the craftsmanship and legacy of Scotland's most distinguished distilleries. 


First Release

1989 Highland Park

In a recent poll conducted among our valued customers and dedicated social media followers, we sought your opinion on which whisky from our distinguished collection you desired to experience first. Well, the verdict is in, and we're thrilled to present to you the eagerly anticipated choice – the 1989 Highland Park. Available for immediate purchase on

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